Demos 2010-2011

Here’s some tracks that didn’t quite make the grade from 2010 -2011.  Still, most have a sunny feel, and as it feels like winter is on it’s way out it seems a good excuse to share them.

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SENDAI JAPAN – Various Artists

Do get over to the Force of Nature website to purchase this beautiful, fundraising EP.  The proceeds go to victims of the recent Tsunami that struck Japan.

From the Force of Nature website:

FON31-2 Sendai Japan is the first release in a series of release on Force of Nature designed to raise money to benefit the victims of the Earthquake/Tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th 2011. Curated by by Kate Turgoose, a regular contributor to Connexion Bizarre, with artwork provided by Kostas Katsikas (better known as Subheim), and mastered by Dave Dando-Moore of Detritus, this compilation brings together a wide range of artists from across the world, all influenced in some way by the catastrophe that hit Japan earlier this year, and continues to effect the daily lives of those who live there.

With the lilting, glitchy, electronic sounds of Sleep Clinic (US), Temp0rary (UK) and Council Flats of Kingsbury (UK), dark IDM of Detritus (UK), dubstep of The Walton Hoax (BE) and Vocal Electronics from John Callaghan (UK), this release is a beautiful compilation that we hope will benefit Japan, in the way that Japan frequently benefits those who make electronic music; through Japan’s ever evolving culture that inspires so many.
This part of the Sendai Compilation series comes on 320k drm-free MP3, with further additions to the series coming soon. Stay tuned to the Sendai Japan Series page for details of new releases. All profits from the sale if this release will go directly to Give2Asia.

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Failed Project

The idea was to do a made-for-tv horror kind of thing. I don’t want to add to the crap available on the internet, but just to give an idea…:

Some of it was shot in a Kingsbury cemetery that apparently dates back to Saxon times. Around abouts here.

A couple of songs, and some sounds made on a 70′s Lowrey Symphonic Holiday organ, complete with background hum / hiss.

A song about a death, and rebirth, or something…

The unfinished story

More organ sounds.

A view of the castle…

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New EP: Fun in the Sun

Out now on uncharted|audio| is our new EP, Fun in the Sun. Available in the digital format of your choice.

Aside from the catchy psychedelic bossa nova ‘Fun in the Sun’(currently in use by Toyota for an online ad), here we have a collection of autumnal wistfulness with a hint of teen vampire drama, ranging from the long and meditative to the stark and short.

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Dance Audit Hour: A Free uncharted|audio| Compilation

Dance Audit Hour

Gosh, that is a man sitting on a woman who is trying to dance, isn’t it?  Isn’t that a bit sexist, or oppressive, or something?  Maybe the man was feeling a bit faint, and there was nothing to sit on, and the lady offered herself as a seat.  Anyway, here’s what’s needed to know:

To celebrate the launch of our new shop Uncharted Audio presents Dance Audit Hour: a FREE compilation featuring previously unheard rarities, remixes and alternate takes. Yes, we did say free. Free as in zero money.

DAH features the following wondrous occurrences:

* Cursor Miner implores you to Leave It Out
* John Callaghan spreads the love
* Cyan341 reworks one of his recent dub-techno smashes
* LJ Kruzer critically examines Line’s genetic heritage
* The Council Flats of Kingsbury do Something
* PLUS the long awaited return of Langer, and much MUCH MORE!

We’re also giving you 20% off any physical or digital release purchased from the new shop; use the code “DAH20” when checking out to receive your discount. You can use this code as many times as you like (feel free to tell all your friends too) but please note that this offer expires on October 17th 2010 and some items are perilously close to deletion.

Download Dance Audit Hour in the format of your choice:

Buy things, lots of nice things, from the all-new superpowered Uncharted Audio shop:

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8th May – Ginglik Saturdays Presents Hidden Frequencies – an Uncharted Audio showcase

Techno, bass, far-out warehouse sounds

Cyan341 (live) + The Council Flats of Kingsbury (live) + Langer (live) + DJ’s Kone-R & Stayhome

Uncharted Audio return to Ginglik, a venue with which it has had close ties over the last six years, to bring you three live acts from its roster, as well as dj support from Ginglik resident and label head honcho Kone-R and special guest Ginglik resident Stayhome… expect only the finest techno, bass, bleeps and far-out warehouse sounds – with that uniquely Uncharted angle!

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Sunflowers: The Script

Uncharted | Audio |, the London based record label responsible for the availability of our music, had a request from Sister Hairy at for the Sunflowers story script.
It was wonderful to hear that you and your listeners enjoyed it so, and it’s my pleasure to pass it on to you. Grab it here. Sorry it took so long.

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Dolcie, at night, goes running into the woods. But why?

The below track contains a field recording of a long neglected play area in Frient Country Park, around abouts here.
You never see anybody there, and it has an eeriness about it. Maybe this is where the likes of Dolcie plays.
On this particular night Dolcie had been detained and was under supervision, because the community was concerned of her disappearing until sunrise, and sleeping through the day.
Having returned from my field recording trip of Frient Park, I played back my results to the morose Dolcie. She slowly went into a trance, wandered over to the piano and began to play. She had never played before. The cat, as usual, was relaxing under the piano. The piano was recorded from the cat’s purrspective.

Dolcie, at night, goes running into the woods. But why? / Through a whirlwind of litter, Emerges Dolcie, With eyes of glitter
Dolcie, at night, goes running into the woods. by councilflat

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When relaxing at home, if the TV isn’t on, i like to listen to…

When asked for an insight into the daily lives of our close knit community I usually tell people that they should mind their own business if they know what’s good for them. They wouldn’t understand our ways, they’d think us strange. Like, as if there’s something wrong with having a beer for breakfast, watching daytime TV, or our naked dance around a fire under the full moon in the communal garden. But when asked by the good folk at Uncharted|Audio| what we might listen to during a social gathering I was happy to oblige in compiling this selection of songs.

Here’s a direct download link. And here’s the playlist:
1. Lena Horne – It Had Better Be Tonight
2. Marisa Gata Mansa – Ceu e Mar
3. The Creation – Through My Eyes
4. Krzysztof Komeda – Cul-de-sac
5. Martin Denny – Exotica
6. Alain Goraguer – Strip Tease
7. Stelvio Cipriani – Mary’s Theme
8. Dick Hyman / Mary Mayo – I’m Glad There Is You
9. Goblin – Death Dies
10. Françoise Hardy – Chanson D’o
11. Roberto Menescal – Depois da Queda (Tema de Flor)
12. Luis Bonfa – A Felicidade
13. Nara Leao – Cancao da Primavera
14. Miles Davis – Willie Nelson (Insert 1)
15. The High Llamas – Bach Ze
16. Fred Neil – December’s Dream
17. Ennio Morricone – Metti, Una Sera A Cena
18. Georgie Fame – Parker’s Mood
19. Kitty Winter – Mato Pato
20. Neyde Fraga – So Deus e Eu
21. Nic Jones – Little Musgrave
22. Thuh Advo-Cats – Bad Classical Music
23. OMO – Live Show
24. Gregg Diamond’s Bionic Boogie – Hot Butterfly

And just to mention, you can stream the Council Flats of Kingsbury album for free here, and if you like it you can buy it on vinyl direct, from all good indie stores, or download it from just about any digital music provider.

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New Council Flats of Kingsbury mini album out now on Vinyl and download

cfok_artOnly 250 vinyl copies pressed, each individually numbered and available direct from Uncharted|Audio|, and all good UK record stores. Also available for download from iTunes, et al.

Stream the whole album for free here.

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